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What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho is a comprehensive system of online applications which include processing, presentations, spreadsheets, and planners with integrations with tools such as email, conferencing and wikis. Zoho will help you reach and engage more prospects, and turn them into clients.

The role of CRM (Customer relationship management) has changed drastically over the years. From just being used to help companies improve customer relationships to outlining strategies for the whole business, CRMs, today, are proven to be among the best technological assets for an organization. It acts as a single repository for your sales, marketing, and customer support teams to help them streamline all the customer data at one platform and outline better strategies for the future.

You can imagine it by taking a small example. Imagine you regularly visit a diner every week, and after a month, you get your exact order placed without having to ask for it. Surprising, isn’t it? Does the person taking orders know you that well? Or does he know about all the customers that visit the diner? The simple answer to this is – deployment of CRM. The diner is not only tracking your orders but also entering food preferences for many other regular customers. In addition, the diner also knows how much is the average spend of every customer. Diner’s last month’s revenue and sales projection of the coming month is also tracked by the CRM. Isn’t it a great way to simplify and streamline complex processes?

Now you have an idea what a CRM is, but why do you need a CRM? 

You can realize the need of deploying a CRM in just a few questions. Ask yourself – How many customers do you currently have? What was your last quarter’s revenue? Who in your team made the most number of sales? Do the answers to these questions seem blurry? Whether you are running a small restaurant and want to keep a track of your monthly revenue numbers or you are part of a big organization wanting to improve customer relationships, a CRM can help you overcome your strategy woes and put your business in front of the line.

Why Zoho CRM?

From an easy implementation process to being highly affordable, Zoho CRM is currently running as one of the most reliable CRMs in the market. It helps you streamline and automate all your marketing, sales, and support functions. It eliminates manual efforts, redundancies, and speeds up all processes to allow you invest more time in other consultative issues. 

What is the use of Zoho CRM? ​

Zoho CRMs offer integration services which are highly compatible with other third-party online platforms. You won’t require an IT degree to implement Zoho CRM for your organization. Zoho CRMs are highly affordable and provide better functionality as and when compared to other CRM providers. In addition to its excellent support and easy integration services, here are some other distinctive features provided by Zoho CRM –
  1. Sales productivity tools
  2. Capacity of 100,000 records
  3. Flexibility to accommodate & replicate your business processes
  4. Easy communication through emails, phone calls, live chat, or social media
  5. Sales forecasting reports
  6. Automate all the repetitive tasks
  7. Scoring rules
  8. Easy-to-use/customize UI
  9. Mobile compatibility
  10. Real-time data & analysis
… and more. 
You can also know more about Zoho features by clicking here.

How much does Zoho CRM cost? 

Zoho CRM is available for all business types; small, medium, and large. The pricing starts at $12.00/month/user and extends up to $100/month/user. However, it also offers a Free edition. You must be thinking is Zoho CRM really free - well it is - but with some stipulations. The free edition is inclusive of lead, contact, standard reports and analytics, but caps at three users maximum. All the plans also offer a free trial, allowing you to make a well-informed decision.

Apart from the free edition and the standard edition of $12/month/user, there is a professional plan that costs $20/month/user. The plan involves all the features of a standard plan – scoring rules, email insights, and customizability. In addition, the professional plan also includes inventory management, process management capabilities, as well as Google Ads integration.

The fourth type is the enterprise plan, which costs $35/month/user. In addition to all the features of standard and professional plan, this one includes automation tools like conversational AI and autoresponders.

Then there is the Ultimate edition plan, starting at $100/month/user and is available only for annual contracts. This plan caters to the needs of the large companies that need extended storage and highly advanced customization.
How to set up Zoho CRM? 

Setting up Zoho CRM is an easy process and won’t demand technical know-how to configure different settings. 

An admin is the primary contact and is responsible for managing other users. Admin can send email requests to other users to join the CRM. Other than that, an admin can also deactivate users who are no longer a part of the organization. 

How to access Zoho CRM settings page?
  1. – Click on the Admin tab in the header pane. It will open the configuration page. 
  2.  – Cick on Zoho CRM settings icon. You can find it under integrations & Add-ons block.​

How to configure Zoho CRM settings? 
  1. Enter the Zoho CRM auth token, which can be found under Setup > Developer Space > CRM API.
  2. After that, you need to select the modules to import the details from Zoho CRM by checking the boxes
  3. You can automate the importing process by selecting – Enable Scheduled Import.
  4. Once you are done, click Save.

How to create Auth Token?

To create Auth Token, you would require a Zoho CRM account. To generate the Auth (authentication) Token, you need to –
  1. Login to your Zoho CRM account. Once you are logged in, Zoho CRM application will be displayed.
  2. Now go to the top right corner and click on the setup link. Then select Developer Space --> CRM API.
  3. Once done, you will be able to see an option – To generate the Authentication Token, use the URL format below.
  4. Use the URL in the browser and put in your Zoho CRM user id and password.
  5. Once you press enter, the Auth Token will be generated with date & time.

How to Use Zoho CRM?

Once you are done setting up, you need to know how to use Zoho CRM at its best. You should know about some of the distinctive yet easy to use features such as - how to create leads in Zoho CRM, how to send an email in Zoho CRM, or how to import outlook calendar to your Zoho CRM. To get more insights and get in-depth understanding about using Zoho CRM, click here. (Can lead to the next blog/webpage under the title – How to use Zoho CRM)

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Improve the quality of leads, win-rate, and overall productivity.

Improve the quality of leads,

win-rate, and overall productivity.

Plan, measure, and manage your progress.

Plan, measure, and manage your progress.

Personalize your CRM to work the way you do.

Personalize your CRM to work the way you do.

Improve the quality of leads, win-rate, and overall productivity.

Reach your customers across any channel.

Plan, measure, and manage your progress.

Simplify and speed up the way you sell.

Personalize your CRM to work the way you do.

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