BlueBilling Solution

BlueBilling Solution

The BlueBilling utility billing platform, by Blue Oak Australia, that allow you to manage embedded (sub-metering or bulk-supply) networks from establishment through to day-to-day operation in a single system. It encompasses complete CRM, fully automatedbilling, automated payment and automated collection process to ensure your staff focus on your customers instead managing processes. See

The System Delivers

Integrated CRM Module, allowing tracking of all communications with each customer (emails, phone calls, SMS, posted documents, etc.);

Automatic bill calculation and extensive validation before they are sent out to customers in various formats, all output formats managed automatically;

Able to bill multiples services (e.g. electricity, gas, hot water, cold water, air-conditioning) to one account at the same time or at different billing frequencies;

Flexible price plan definition, allowing almost limitless definition of charges at which account holders can be charged;

Automated collection process; ensuring consistent and traceable collection process is followed, including automatic customer notification;

Automated direct debit process; ensuring that no manual work will be required to execute and complete direct debiting of either bank accounts or credit cards;

Automated meter data processing from either smart interval to basic meters, along with data quality and accuracy validation, processed from various file formats;

Manage metering assets with complex relationship between parent supply, tenancy and metering, each with full history;

 Maintain details of all ‘life support’ usage across networks;

Manage multiple bank accounts where applicable and able to accept payments via multiple payment channels;

Automated connectivity with external accounting system; allowing automated transfer of transactions from BlueBilling for any external financial management and reporting;

Able to export data using CSV, XML or JSON formats or via dedicated API;

Able to import data using provided Excel templates (without needing to do any file conversion) or via dedicated API;

Detailed complex cost and loss analysis per network (e.g. un-billed consumption, un-metered consumption, etc.);

Built in ticket system, allowing cases (any type of requests) to be attached to various components in the system and allow them to be tracked until they are resolved/completed;

Extensive reports are included in the product and custom report design and development is also available

System deployed in a fully managed cloud infrastructure (SaaS)

Detailed product training and ongoing support is available.