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SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration

What is SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration?

SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration is designed to make organization and time-management easier. This integration is to give you the tools you could need in one software so you won’t have to use a different software just to check your schedule and activities. You would still be able to create events separately through SuiteCRM Calendar and through Google Calendar. This integration will accumulate both event entries into one.

SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration

An event recorded in Google Calendar will display details like Time, Agenda, and Attendees. The event can also be converted into a reviewable SuiteCRM record as an activity done on the account.

You will know if you are able to successfully integrate your Google Calendar to your SuiteCRM Calendar if you see a Google logo right before the Summary. The event recorded in SuiteCRM will have either green or red highlights.

Calendar record

The interface displays the schedule of events for the whole month, so the user is fully aware and oriented with the tasks coming up. With functionality in mind, the Google Calendar Integration will make the teammate more time-efficient and focused.