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Asterisk Integration Plugin

Asterisk is a Voice Over Internet Protocol software integrated into SuiteCRM Platform


SuiteCRM users can now make and receive phone calls without the traditional PSTN but with the help of a click-to-dial software or softphone.

Asterisk call
Incoming Call

Incoming Calls

A pop-up box will show customer information if the caller has been listed on the system. For unregistered numbers, you'll have the option to add the caller either as a Lead or Contact.

Outbound Calls

Your downloaded click-to-call software will convert phone numbers on the webpages opened in your browser to clickable links. Simply click the contact the contact number either in the Leads Module or Contacts Module, to initiate the call

Outbound Calls
Call Recording

Call Recording

After every call, a call record will be automatically created and a call recording will be attached to it. The call record will be associated to a lead or contact whatever the number is stored.