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The leading        expert        in        designing        and        delivering        advanced        messaging        solutions        that seamlessly        integrate        with        popular        CRM        platforms        like Zoho  and Salesforce        AppExchange.        

SMS - Magic
Provides original text messaging solutions for business. The most recommended
text messaging application on the Salesforce AppExchange platform. 
SMS Magic aims to empower SMS messaging users to engage and retain more 
buyers and creating strong relationships that drive sustainable competitive

Communicates with clients over text messages as well as receive and record their 
responses instantly with SMS Magic, send single or bulk messages with or without 
customized message templates as desired to any object in your CRM. It allows for
revisiting and reviewing your SMS history anytime and also use open APIs with 
complete documentation tocustomize solutions befitting your business requirements 

Responsive Messaging - A two way conversation of SMS and MMS are featuring a simple interface that empowers representatives to quickly deliver rapid sales responses and service resolutions with SMS templates.

Bulk SMS - It disseminates large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals.

Campaigns SMS - Create and send SMS campaigns to a list of lead and allows them to interact with customers via text.

Analytics of Message Delivery - Track and manage delivery with out-of-the-box dashboards. Alerts notify of delivery issues so it can quickly resolve and continue messaging.

Advance Solution Messaging - Conveys the most progressive Native Salesforce SMS informing abilities accessible. Direction Systems encompass Converse profound usefulness, making it additionally the least complicated text messaging answer for any business.

Reference Text SMS Campaigns - Reference campaigns and automation are pre-designed answers for mainstream text messaging employments. QuickStart your messaging results with the snap of a catch!

Quick-to-Deploy for your Industry -When sending, and a trial and error with finding out about SMS messaging. That is the reason we bundle famous informing use cases for your industry that centers around your crowd, not on your innovation.

References the need to run a successful text messaging campaign.

●  Content templates, easily tuned for your business

Automated workflows, including keyword responses, triggers and scheduling

Real-time campaign analytics and dashboards