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The leading expert in designing and delivering advanced messaging solutions that seamlessly integrate with popular CRM platforms like Zoho.

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Provides original text messaging solutions for business.
SMS Magic aims to empower SMS messaging users to engage and retain more 
buyers and creating strong relationships that drive sustainable competitive

Communicates with clients over text messages as well as receive and record their 
responses instantly with SMS Magic, send single or bulk messages with or without 
customized message templates as desired to any object in your CRM. It allows for
revisiting and reviewing your SMS history anytime and also use open APIs with 
complete documentation tocustomize solutions befitting your business requirements 

SMS Magic on Zoho Platform
SMS - Magic for ZOHO

Have secure and meaningful
conversations with your customers,
right inside Zoho.

Message your customers on SMS and

WhatsApp from Zoho

Enable, centralize and integrate multichannel customer conversations in

your Zoho account to help your reps manage high-stakes conversations

faster than ever.

Access all customer conversations
in one place

Centralize all message threads from the outset across customers, channels, agents, and Zoho modules in chronological order. Get reference and context about who the customer is and where they are in the sales cycle.

Help your reps engage customers

Enable your reps for one-to-one customer interactions via desktop and smartphone messaging integrated with Zoho for time-sensitive confirmations, clarifications, or expert advice.

Send automated WhatsApp and
SMS messages

Trigger automated messages to be sent to customers via WhatsApp or SMS for various time-sensitive communications such as response to new inquiries, meeting confirmations, follow-ups, and more.

Hyper-personalize messages at scale
with campaigns

Compose and schedule personalized drip messaging campaigns to reach up to 50,000 records at a time. Include short branded URLs to promote your competencies. Track message opens and click rates.

Deliver a consistent experience
with templates

Publish ready-to-use branded message templates for standard customer interactions such as appointment reminders, billing follow-ups, automated alerts, and FAQs.

Manage content for messaging

Simplify multichannel consent management. Capture and update consent information within Zoho through opt-in and opt-out keywords as well as web form integration. Keep a consent audit trail for SMS/MMS, WhatsApp, and more.

Engage with Zoho,
anytime, anywhere

Access all customer conversations from your smartphone, delight customers with lightning-fast responses, and keep all consent and customer info synced with your Zoho account.

Measure the volume and
impact of messaging

Track key customer messaging metrics such as delivery rates, response time, credits usage, agent productivity, and more - all within Zoho. Also,  get alerted when these metrics cross thresholds.

Set up messaging for Zoho
in minutes

Install SMS-Magic straight from Zoho Marketplace. Configure your virtual numbers, time zone, business hours, employee roles, and consent preferences. Start messaging records with a phone field from any Zoho module.

Integrate conversational messaging
with your favourite Zoho apps

Converse and engage with your audience from the Zoho applications you use.

    Zoho Desk

    Zoho Recruits

    Zoho Campaigns

Responsive Messaging 

- A two way conversation of SMS and MMS are featuring a simple interface that empowers representatives to quickly deliver rapid sales responses and service resolutions with SMS templates.

Bulk SMS

- It disseminates large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals.

Campaigns SMS

 - Create and send SMS campaigns to a list of lead and allows them to interact with customers via text.

Analytics of Message Delivery

- Track and manage delivery with out-of-the-box dashboards. Alerts notify of delivery issues so it can quickly resolve and continue messaging.

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