DEVTAC’s Real Estate CRM solution is very user-friendly and intuitive. 

Intuitive and User Friendly User Interface

Gone are the days where users need to spend so much time on training to get acquainted with the system. Our CRM solution is simple and easy to use.

What are the benefits?

Simplicity | Minimal error messages | Simple integration | Minimum effort needed to perform common actions.

There's more!

Difficult to make errors | Consistency in workflows | good user experience | Reduce Training Costs.


DEVTAC is a SugarCRM-certified organization in the Philippines. With SugarCRM's open-source nature, it can be 

customized freely and can be tailor-fitted according to your requirements.

What are the benefits?

Customized and personalized services | Alter to fit specific marketing and sales needs.

There's more!

Conform to customer preferences | A growing system for a growing company.

Social Collaboration

CRM software allows you to listen to what your prospects and customers are in need of. Our CRM software enables you to keep track of vital information and then use it to create a meaningful conversion.

Lead Nurturing

Our customer enjoys the ability to create rich lead-nurturing programs using a simple drag-drop interface. Maintains consistent communication, increased customer engagement, more opportunities, better profiling and shorten sales cycle. 

Other Features

Website Integration

Allowing your CRM software and your website to work together can bring many leads and consumer data into your company's database. It gives more accurate data leading to more sales, better customer profiling, accurate data source and better-quality leads.

Seamless Workflow

SugarCRM improves overall efficiency by giving the whole company better communication and better access to all company data, including customer information & past transaction. This reduces administrative work, faster and improved lead management and speeds up processes.

Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM allows you and your team to access customer data anytime and anywhere. It makes you respond quicker to customer concerns, convenient communication for both employees and customers and can view upcoming events in your personal screen. Stay productive with fast access to important SugarCRM information and details.

Email Marketing

Our CRM solution comes with an out-of-the box reporting solution to help you track and meet all of your call center requirements. It is also automated data-driven campaigns and newsletters and gives instant response tracking.

SMS Gateway

A CRM SMS system is an approach to better connect and out to your customers. It gives cost-effective customer, obtain more customer data, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and track customer situation.

Reports and Results

SugarCRM provides marketing analytics and gathers data from across all marketing channels and consolidates it into a common marketing views.