DEVTAC understands the requirements of BPO and Outsourcing companies and as such has designed a CRM meant specifically for the BPO industry. Our BPO CRM is designed to achieve cost reductions and enterprise-wide improvements.

Central Database | Customer Management

Client's information is stored securely and is available in one central database to make the data more secured and organized.

Knowledge Base

Agent's quick and easy access to vital information about company information and its products and services gives better customer experience and increase agent's productivity.

Versatile and Flexible

Our CRM systems can effectively help an organization respond and adopt to the changes around it, increasing its performance and customer satisfaction.

Advanced Contact Center Solutions

DEVTAC as partnered with the leading provider of contact centre solutions, ASTERISK, to provide your company with a totally hassle-free dialer.

Case Management

The Case Management module can be personalized to comprehend all the information about the issue or complaints your customers may have.

Insightful, Automated Reporting

Our CRM solution comes with an out-of-the box reporting solution to help you track and meet all of your call center requirement and monitor agent productivity.


With our made-to-measure CRM solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your company, you can cover all aspects of operations, with lower operational costs.