SugarCRM Hint Guide for the Non-Techies

Monday, 22 January 2018 / Written by  DEVTAC WRITING TEAM / Be the first to comment!

Despite living in a day and age when everything is ruled by technology, there are still a lot of ambiguity revolving it. If you are like me, your tech skills are probably limited to a few mobile apps, Word and Excel docs, and some tricks for Siri. And my knowledge when it comes to scripts and codes? 0 to none. Javascript, PHP they're a hybrid language to me.

When I got hired for my job at a software solution company, SugarCRM was a glaring representation of the extraterrestrial. I didn't know a single thing about it the night before my first day of work, and when I was about to start my training, my guard was up. I wasn't confident with my lack of knowledge, and I was even more unconfident with the speed of my learning process and the level of my adaptability.

It's a learn-as-you-go process, and it's a good thing because I got to explore SugarCRM on my own, and it's like walking through a new city and learning its secret little passages. Getting virtually lost in the pages of a computer screen is healthy, to fully get comfortable with the system and to be more familiar with how to navigate the system on your own. What's great about the Sugar software is that it was purposely designed with the user's convenience in mind. The first time that I was introduced to it, I felt at ease as if I was already a pro.

Around summertime last year, Sugar released their latest innovation, Hint. My reaction was pretty similar to my grandfather's reaction when he was trying to learn how to use the mobile phone. I was in a state of hesitation, and a "What on earth is this?" But knowing Sugar, I was positive that I'm not going to look like an uncool millennial who doesn't know how to use a computer.

Hint is heaven-sent. It is an intelligent transactional engine that helps you learn things about your customers that you don't already know. With Hint, Lead Gen will be a walk in the park. With just a name and an email address, you can capture all the necessary information you need about the prospect. Hint will automatically search and input both the personal and professional detail of a person into the CRM system. All you have to do is click the button, and you have every data you need in a matter of seconds. It’s Relationship Intelligence on another level.

The teammates who will appreciate this new development more, are those who have direct contact with the client. If you are a brand representative and a client comes in for a transaction, you only need to ask either one of the identifiers, i.e., name and email address, and you can easily learn everything about the client without having to interview him. Your client will appreciate the prompt service, and you can allot more of your time engaging in a small friendly talk and cultivating a relationship.

You may also click the link provided below, to learn the easy-as-ABCs process of Hint.

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