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Despite living in a day and age when everything is ruled by technology, there are still a lot of ambiguity revolving it. If you are like me, your tech skills are probably limited to a few mobile apps, Word and Excel docs, and some tricks for Siri. And my knowledge when it comes to scripts and codes? 0 to none. Javascript, PHP they're a hybrid language to me. Read more...

SugarCRM's Software for Contact Center

Tuesday, 19 December 2017 /
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Within the community that SugarCRM had built over the years, they created a culture that is customer-centric. They are well aware of the vital role that a customer plays in the success of a business. They take their customers with high regard as they know that their lifeline is a thin rope being held up by the loyalty of their customers. Sugar promotes this best practice to their partners and business associations, encouraging them to have the same vision towards customer service. Read more...

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There is a long list of reasons why SugarCRM is the ideal CRM solution that you should employ. It has earned its recognition and respect among the CRM community because they innovate in CRM software solutions that is customer-centric. Large-scale or start-up, SugarCRM always put their customers as their priority and empowers them to elevate their customer satisfaction rate and profitability. Read more...

Introduction to SugarCRM Hint

Thursday, 09 November 2017 /
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SugarCRM continues to imprint their mark on the business ecosystem by equipping their partners with tools that create an extraordinary customer relationship. This year, they launched Hint, a relationship intelligence service software that delivers client information to Sugar. It automatically searches the web for personal and corporate information using the client's name and email address. Read more...

Superheroes went to SugarCon2017

Monday, 06 November 2017 /
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SugarCon has done it again. When we thought SugarCon could not get any better, they proved us wrong and outdid themselves, as they continually do over the years. This year's SugarCon was better and a lot more fun than ever. So fun, that even Superheroes could not pass it up! Read more...


Tuesday, 17 October 2017 /
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SUGARCON, an annual conference attended by Sugar customers, users, and developers, is perhaps the largest West Coast social customer relationship management conference. The convention was held at the Hilton Hotel, San Francisco Union Square. The three-day conference celebrated CRM heroes who are always looking for new and exciting ways that will help improve their organizations.

The conference was packed with keynotes that talked about CRM, Marketing Automation, enhancements, and learning how to customize your SugarCRM mobile. Breakout sessions and networking opportunities included the SUGARCON Super Hero party that every participant looked forward to. Read more...